About Us

The Pinnacle of Excellence

When a man gets a hair cut, he should not see it as a chore or just another task that he has to complete before the week's end. In fact, a man should look forward to the time he spends in the barber chair. At Paragon Barber + Lounge, we care about your experience and while you are in our chair, your time there will be filled with nothing but high-end service. Men walk into our shop expecting excellence and they walk out not only feeling good, but looking good as well.


Our shop was designed to be a place where men go to retreat. We strive to represent the pinnacle of excellence in the look and feel of our shop, how we treat our clients and the services that we provide.  At Paragon, our barbers are expertly trained and are dedicated to their clients. Come in and enjoy a fresh cut, a straight razor line up, watching some sports, playing video games or just the usual guy talk. Schedule with us today to experience the excellence that will keep you coming back.

Meet Our Staff


Owner / Master Barber 

By the age of twelve, Jamil started cutting hair on milk crates in his garage back in his hometown of Chicago. He moved to Columbus, OH in 2007 and attended the Ohio State College of Barber Styling where he graduated and received his license as a professional barber. Jamil's attended multiple classes and seminars on furthering his education in the art of barbering to provide the best experience for his clients. With over 15 years in the industry, Jamil is a master of his craft. He as competed and won multiple awards from various barber competitions. He specializes in all hair types and all types of hairstyles. Some of his favorite things to do are shooting pool, going camping with his dog and hitting up the gun ranges. 



Chad received his degree at the Ohio State College of Barber Styling and obtained his license with the Ohio State Barber Board. He now provides his services at Paragon Barber + Lounge. Chad is born and raised in Columbus ,OH. Since the age of 16, his passion was to become a professional barber and graduated high school early just to pursue his career. Chad is a young and up and coming barber who is dedicated to the growth of his craft. He is very versatile with his style of haircuts and aims to give the client exactly what they want.



Tiffney is not originally from Columbus, OH. Instead she is from a little town outside of Akron. She went to barber school in Youngstown, OH has now been licensed for over two years now. She is passionate about her work and pays extreme attention to detail on every haircut!